How Does Marijuana Effect Runners?

Medical-Marijuana-SymbolPot is a drug that is not legal in the USA for general use, although it widely used medically and is being decriminalized in some regions. How does marijuana use effect jogging? Since smoking generally has adverse effects on the cardiovascular and breathing skills critical jogging, common sense would tell us negatively.

Negative Effects
Cannabis can make the encounter more challenging and raises the heart rate, which already happens during jogging. Anyone with heart problems who smokes dope and runs faces greater risk of heart attack.

Marijuana, like tobacco, can lead to respiratory difficulties which make breathing difficult. Grass can also be an irritant, leading to sore throats, runny noses and coughing, which make running hard.

Bud may also inhibit coordination and perception, which are vital for runners.

Potential Benefits
Despite the factors listed above, grass used legally as medicine can help reduce symptoms that could make jogging more challenging. Cannabis is additionally associated with reducing physical stress and pain, which can both occur due to running. If used safely and legally, and your goal isn’t to just go hot box, then marijuana definitely has it’s place.

The most easy way to avoid the effects of marijuana on running is to not use it. If you have medical permission to use marijuana but it’s damaging your breathing skill, consider consuming the bud in a way other than smoking it, like in a THC pill or in food.

Since it’s prohibited in most non-medical scenarios, using bud presents the risk of arrest and even incarceration.


This, researchers suggest, could show a parallel between the “buzz” of grass and the so-called “runner’s high,” or euphoric feeling brought on by running.

Updated: July 26, 2016 — 5:37 pm

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