Can Deer Antler Velvet Improve Your Running?

hirsch-red-deer-cervus-elaphus-antlerDeer antler spray is an extract made with the fuzzy tissue harvested from high quality deer antler velvet from deer in the prime of their virility, offering a number of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and zinc as well as amino acids and other beneficial compounds specific to the extract.

The physical and sexual performance boosting effects of deer antler extract have been known since ancient times, making frequent appearances in supplements, medicines and other time-tested remedies. However, in a world more competitive than ever before, individuals seeking long-term self-improvement are looking for every competitive advantage. For this reason, more and more men looking to unlock their true potential are asking the next logical question: “Does deer antler spray give a mental edge?”

While the holistic effects of deer antler spray are still under scientific review, the known facts on the extract paint a clear picture of its potency. Deer antler velvet contain compounds known as Prostaglandins, hormone-like composites that help optimize the production of key hormones and healthy cells, leading to improved muscle function, lower blood pressure among other benefits. These dynamic effects are why use of deer antler extract is banned by the NFL and other professional sports leagues.

As it relates to mental function, Prostaglandins also promote more effective transition of electrical impulses throughout the body, including those generated by the brain. Deer velvet extract accomplishes this incredible feat by preventing the premature breakdown of critical neurotransmitters including serotonin and norepinephrine, making them more stable for a greater level of mental performance.

This optimization process can lead to increased focus, anti-depressive effects and it also enhanced mood regulation as well as delivering a boost in mental agility, all of which help build a sharp mind into an even more capable weapon. More encouraging, clinical studies have directly indicated the effects of deer velvet spray on men, measuring higher performance in the experiment’s users of deer antler spray when compared with a control group.

Deer velvet extract is just beginning to attract the scientific study it deserves, but its range of powerful effects have been demonstrated in practice for thousands of years. Virtually every healthy man could experience tangible benefits from supplementing their lifestyles with deer velvet extract, and with no known side effects to its use, there is practically no reason not to discover the everyday advantages this long-held secret can offer you.

Updated: July 15, 2016 — 12:40 am

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